Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big East Standings

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With UConn's loss last night to Cincinnati, it appears as if Rutgers most likely scenario would be a 4th place finish in the conference. Rutgers unfortunately has lost to all 3 teams atop the current Big East Conference standings so even if they are tied with Cincinnati for example, the Bearcats would go to the better bowl game because they beat the Scarlet Knights. Only by some major meltdown could the Scarlet Knights finish 3rd in the conference. This would happen if West Virginia lost all 3 of their remaining games against Cincinnati, UConn and Pitt. Keep in mind for any of this to happen Rutgers would need to beat both Pittsburgh and Louisville to finish 4-3 in conference play. As for Bowl games, we will have to see how the remaining games pan out with the mess that is this year's Big East Standings. Who would have predicted the UConn Huskies and Cincinnati Bearcats would be trailing the West Virginia Mountaineers this late in the season? Or that Rutgers and Louisville’s match up on November 29th would be an afterthought for a game with BCS implications? How about how USF could make its way all the way up to the 2nd ranked team in the land only to lose 3 straight games? This year has certainly been a head-scratcher for those who tried to predict this college football season. Here are the current Big East Standings as of 11/10.
----------------Conf All
Connecticut (25) 4-0 8-1
West Virginia (5) 3-1 8-1
Cincinnati 2-2 7-2
Pittsburgh 2-2 4-5
Rutgers 2-3 6-4
Louisville 2-3 5-5
South Florida 1-3 6-3
Syracuse 1-3 2-7

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