Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rutgers-Louisville Game Preview

Will Jeremy Ito come to the rescue again?
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This Thursday night, Rutgers will take the field for their final regular season game of the 2007 season. Although this game may mean much less to the Big East and BCS Bowl picture as once thought, this Thursday night match up is of no less importance to Coach Greg Schiano. "I think I speak for our program when I say that there is never a game that you don't get excited for. And you throw in all the other things that go with this; we're playing a great opponent, playing on Thursday night when everyone in the country has an opportunity to watch you, that's exciting to me." Although Rutgers is already a lock to play in the International Bowl against Ball State or Bowling Green, Rutgers would like to finish the season on a high note and defeat their conference rival on their own field. Louisville will certainly be looking to get some revenge on the Scarlet Knights, who ruined Louisville's chance at a National Championship during last year's thrilling game. The key to a Rutgers victory defensively comes down to how well Rutgers can limit Brian Brohm and the Louisville passing attack. Offensively, the Cardinals are very one-minded, as they rely on Brohm and his talented receivers to attack defensive secondaries and score mass amounts of points. Brohm, who was a pre-season Heisman Trophy Candidate, has certainly held his end of the bargain this season, even though the team has not played as well as anticipated. Rutgers Defensive line must get pressure on Brohm and the secondary must be stellar to limit Louisville. Rutgers can win this game if they make Louisville run the ball. Offensively, it comes down to whether the Scarlet Knights can get any kind of passing game to compliment Ray Rice's rushing attack. With Mike Teel still injured and Jabu Lovelace (who didn’t pass the ball effectively last game against Pittsburgh), things are not looking good for R.U. Unless Mike Teel is able to play up to his abilities, I cant see the Scarlet Knights scoring back and forth with Louisville.
My prediction is Louisville 35 Rutgers 27.
It hurts for me to pick against my team, but hopefully they will prove me wrong. My all-time predicting record is 2-2.
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RU? said...

good pick on Louisville ---who woulod have thought they would come back like that though. I guess we'll have to take it out on Ball State...