Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rutgers still in contention for Sun Bowl

Scarlet Knights still could play in Big East's #2 Bowl
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Rutgers season may not be as big of a disappointment as many have perceived the 2007 Rutgers football campaign has been following their 11-2 Texas Bowl Champion season. If Rutgers is able to defeat their next two opponents (Pittsburgh and Louisville), the Scarlet Knights could be off to a Texas-based bowl game for the second straight season. John Folmer, the chairman for the Sun Bowl selection committee, says the Scarlet Knights are still in the race for the bowl game in El Paso, Texas. "Rutgers has been on our radar screen since Day 1 and they still are", said Folmer. "We know what Rutgers does for us locally, we know what Rutgers can do as far as turning TV sets on, and then the history that they've developed recently, as far as lighting the Empire State Building red and their following up there. You don’t have to sell us on Rutgers." The Sun Bowl is the second oldest and one of the most prestigious bowls in all of college football. The Sun Bowl has the choice of any bowl-eligible Big East team besides the Big East Conference champion to play against the third-place team from the Pac-10 Conference. The three teams in contention for this from the Pac-10 are Arizona State, Cal and USC. The game is played on New Year's Day on CBS. Last season, 15,000 Rutgers fans made the trip up to Houston to see Rutgers take on Kansas State in the Texas Bowl.

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